What's Up In August?

We have to shows tell you about in August!  First, we’ll be at the Old Crow Bar in Middletown Ohio on Friday, 21st.  We’ll be joined by Tiger Sex and Wicked Fixx for a night of high energy punk and hard rock!  Both of these bands remember what rock music is supposed to be about, and they deliver!
Then, on Saturday, August 29th, we’ll be at the Oregon Express with A Shade Of Red and ThunderTaker.  You already know how much we love playing with our friends from A Shade Of Red, but we’re also excited to share the stage with Thunder Taker.  We first saw them at Sideshow X in May, and immediately made plans to do a show with them.  Then, of course, the Oregon Express has some of the best pizza in Dayton, so you don’t want to miss this show.  Mark your calendars for both these great concerts!  See you there!

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