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Mike is a song writer, musician, electronics engineer, and music producer.  While his main instrument is the electric guitar, he also is featured on keyboards, percussion, harmonica and occasionally vocals on Evil Eye Gypsy's studio recordings.  Mike tends to experiment with new guitar sounds, and has an extensive collection of pedals and amps to achieve the soundscapes and tones that he chases after.


Versatile in multiple genres of music, Aaron fluently covers the eclectic range of the band.  Whether he's playing lead bass, or grooving in the pocket, Aaron lays down the fat bass lines that Evil Eye Gypsy is known for.  Aaron has an extensive array of effects pedals,...that he never uses, preferring a clean, articulate tone.


Sherree sings lead and adds her percussion to help shape the band's sound.  Multi-layered rhythms with a multitude of percussion instruments create the soundscapes that the band is known for.  She brings a high energy stage presence to the band that keeps things moving fast on stage..


Cat loves to lay down a jazzy back beat, but has no problem with a straight ahead hard rock beat.  Covering the wide territory from psychedelic, to the blues, to hard rock (and all points in between) Cat is there driving the action from behind her drum kit.  From the hard rock sound of All I Had To Say, to the spacey Bitter Comedy, Cat has it covered.