Good times at the Oregon Express

Last nights show at The Oregon Express with Curse Of Cassandra and Far From Eden was a blast.  The OE is a great venue, and we love playing there.  The crowd was just fantastic, and we thank everyone who came out to party with us.

Far From Eden's dark acoustic set was completely awesome.  Kim has an absolutely amazing voice, Nathan and Donnie's guitar work was out of this world, and percussionist Carissa kept everything moving with some awesomely groovy beats.  These guys were one hell of a tough act to follow.

Our set was next, and we had a great time, inspite of having some technical difficulties with the bass rig during our opening song.  Some quick troubleshooting by Nick and Jay, however, and it all came together.  The rest of the set was trouble free, and we made a lot of noise and had a lot of fun doing it.

The ever awesome Curse Of Cassandra closed the show with their typical awesomeness!  I just can't say enough about this band.  There is absolutely no one else out there doing what they do.  I will never get tired of their music or their show.  If you missed them last night, you can see them again with us on January 25th for the East End Community Services benefit concert, or at any of their other upcoming shows.

Lastly, one of the great things about Dayton, is the town is full of a bunch of really great musicians, and they do a fantastic job of supporting other local musicians. Georgia Goad of A Shade Of Red and singer/songwriter extraordinaire Mandy Jewell were there to see the show, and it was really great to see them there.  Do yourself a favor and check out their music.

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