Back In The Studio

After the release of our first cd, when the initial excitement wore off, we realised that we were back at square one in the writing/recording process.  We were ready to start writing songs for our next cd. 

The most difficult thing about putting an album together, is choosing those first few songs, and developing a feel for the flow of the music.  We already had a fair share of songs written, with scratch tracks recorded for several, but which ones would we pick to start building an album?  Would we take the music deeper into the psychedelic realm, or into a hard rock direction? 

At this point, I'm happy to say that we have about half of the cd written, recorded and in post-production.  So far the songs have been a pretty good mix of styles and dynamics, and we've managed to blend the hard rock and hippie sounds together into what we hope will be fun songs to listen to.  We're taking our time, and don't have a release date set, but we'll probably post a preview song in the next couple of months.

Our current release is now on Reverb Radio, and you can check us out at .  Our music is also going to be reviewed at on December 19th.  You can also now follow us on Twitter at .

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