What's Up In March?

March isn’t going too be a busy month for us on the stage, but it will be more than busy behind the scenes.  Quite a few big and awesome events in the personal lives of the band this month, along with recording in the studio will keep us off the stage.  Not to worry, though, as there are quite a few shows coming up this spring and summer.  Not all are listed at this point, due to waiting for the final line-ups to be announced. 

April will have a show at Poelking Lanes, and May will bring shows at the Dayton Sideshow 9, and Blind Bob’s.  June puts us on the stage at both the Oregon Express and Stubbie’s in Vandalia.  We’re back at Taffy’s Of Eaton in July.  More shows are also likely to be announced in the coming month.  Keep up to date at our official website’s Events Page.

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