What's Up In June?

May was a great month, with shows at Sideshow 9, and at Blind Bob’s.  We got to play with some really great bands at both of them.  We’re already looking forward to next year’s Sideshow 10.  We’re also looking forward to another show at Blind Bob’s sometime in the future.  It’s a great venue, and always a good time.  Thanks to all of the people who came to see us at both shows, we really appreciate your support.

Now let’s look at what’s happening in June.  On Saturday June 7th we’re playing with our friends Far From Eden and McGuff & The Dumpster Fires.   This is going to be a great show, at a great venue, The Oregon Express: a great place to enjoy an evening of great music, food and drinks, and these bands always put on a great show.

Moving on to June 14th, we’re heading north to Vandalia to spend an evening at Stubbies Bar & Grill.  We’ll be joined once again by McGuff & The Dumpster Fires and their great punk rock sound.  You can find all of the latest news and show info on the events page of the Evil Eye Gypsy website.

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