Sideshow X (Day 1)

Sideshow X opened up with a killer set from Tim Gebard and the Hitmen!  They were followed by the 1984 Draft, Dark Backward, The Mainline Funk, and the New Old Fashioned.  We hit the stage at 9:20.  It was great to see so many fans in front of the stage, and I always love watching people dance to our cover of War Pigs.

Cherry Lee And The Hot Rod Hounds followed, and their rock & roll show got the whole place up dancing.  A Shade Of Red took the Stage after that, and treated us to quite a few new songs, and Georgia was also rocking some new guitar pedals!  Dip Spit was amazing as usual, and they were followed by Thunder Taker.  It was the first time we saw them play, but high level negotiations are under way for a Thunder Taker / Evil Eye Gypsy concert (meaning Mike sent Ryan a Facebook message).

Day 1 was closed by Curse Of Cassandra and their dark wave sonic attack. Looking forward to Day 2.

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