Mike's New Rig

I'm not a guitarist that changes my guitar rig very often.  I had essentially the same rig from 2000 to 2008.  Then I started over with a new pedalboard and amp (only my Dunlop Wah and MXR Phase 90 survived the restructuring). Since 2008 my rig has remained essentially the same, except for the addition of a AW-3 autowah a few years back, a Boss 7 band EQ pedal last year, and moving my Phase 90 from behind my drive stage to in front of it.  

For 2017, I'm putting my Peavey Prowler to the side while I bring out a Fender Hotrod 212.  I've kicked around rhe idea of getting a Fender amp for a while now (for that awesome reverb), but have been so happy with the Prowler, that I never made the move.  Then a friend offered to sell me their Hotrod at a price I could pass up, and I took the plunge.  It's turning out to be a great sounding amp, with very warm mids, while still having punchy highs that can cut through the mix during solos.  Also added to my set up is a Line 6 G50 wireless guitar transmitter.  This is going to allow me to be very mobile on stage without getting tangled up in my own guitar cable.  The new rig hits the stage at our upcoming CD release party at the Oregon Express in Dayton Ohio on Saturday, January 7th. Hope to see you there.


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